"March" Information

Our campaign starts on the 23rd April 2017, where hundreds of volunteers, students and supporters of the fight against cancer will take the streets, urging people to make a donation by purchasing 1,2 or 5 euro coupons. The road collection is organised  in more than 40 kiosks  across Cyprus, placed in key points of the cities and large communities. The kiosks are set up by the Cyprus Anticancer Society, and are staffed with volunteers wearing the official T-shirt and cap of the Christodoula March. In addition fundraising by selling the ‘march coupons’ is also done in private and public offices, banks, schools, colleges and universities throughout the month of April.

On Saturday, April 8th, the fundraising activity will continue in major supermarkets and on Sunday, April 9th people could still make a donation at designated points held at the starting points of Christodoula March in all cities.

On Sunday, April 9th, 2017, the 42nd Christodoula March is organized in all districts of Cyprus.

Starting points of the ‘March’:
The actual ‘March’ is a symbolic walk of about 4km held in memory of Christodoula, a cancer patient who died alone and helpless under an orange tree in the village of Sotira in 1974. The walk is a reminder to the public that cancer patients are not alone and they can help the Society in its fight against cancer. People of all ages join us for the March, along with politicians, MPs and the President of Republic of Cyprus. The call is open to anyone who is supporter of the Society.

Nicosia: Starting at 11:00 a.m. from “Arodaphnousa” Palliative Care Center.
Limassol:  Starting at 11.00am from the "Evagorion" Day Care Centre
Larnaca: Starting at 11:00a.m. from the City Hall Square
Paphos: Starting at 11:00am from City Hall Square
Famagusta: Starting at 11.00am from City Hall Derynia
Polis Chrysochous: Starting at 10.00am from St. Andrew's Church